In December 2009 the Christmas calendar Pagten started airing. Id stopped watching the Christmas calendar, unless its the old shows from when I was little, but I heard from my friends that it was pretty good. So I watched a few episodes, and to my horror I discovered, that it was very, very good. This meant that I hadnt been following the first good Christmas calendar in years. You can imagine how pissed off I was. The moment I heard the intro, I was sold in the AMV-makers spirit. Finally, after so long, I felt the urge to make an Avatar vid, and so I did. I got my hands on the song and started editing, never actually meaning to post it on youtube, since its Danish. I just enjoyed it for myself. I started out using the short version, the one in the outro, but then I wanted to do the long version, and as I got further into it I really found it a wonderfully entertaining project. I showed it to a couple of friends, who all told me to post it on youtube when it was finished. Ive been working to finish it lately, and I played around with some new effects. The only thing Im not really proud of is the second verse. Its not particularly good, but I love the beginning and the part after the second verse. Its sort of nostalgic. I hope you enjoy it! Youll find the translations beneath. First comes the Danish version, then the English. Remember, it was I who translated, so its not the best, its only the core of each sentence. Btw, this is also my first vid in the new rating/viewing

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